A craftsman from Masalli

Seyfaddin Azizov: ‘I’ve been making chests for 15 years.’

Seyfaddin Azizov was born in the village of Arkivan in the Masalli region of Azerbaijan. He learned the craft of making chests from his father:

‘I’ve been making chests for 15 years. At first my father and I worked together. Now I work on my own, independently. In a day I can make one or two chests.’

The price of the chests depends on their size, ranging from 10 AZN ($6) to as high as 70 AZN ($41) . Seyfaddin says that most orders come from the neighboring villages and regions.

‘We buy ready-made wooden boards. One cubic meter of boards costs 300 AZN ($177). One cubic meter can produce about 10 to 12 chests.’

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