77-year-old woman: Officials confiscated land for own use

Gulsum Najafova says the chief executive fined her for complaining

Gulsum Najafova says the chief executive fined her and her children for complaining to the president and vice president.

Gulsum Najafova, 77, a resident of Ashagi Nohudlu village of Salyan region, has been sued by the chief executive and fined. According to Najafova, the reason is that she sent letters of complaint to government agencies, including the president and vice president, expressing her dissatisfaction with the head of the Salyan District Executive Power Sevindik Hatamov.

"They cheated my husband and took the deed"

Gulsum Najafova told Meydan TV that she raised her 11 children in agriculture and animal husbandry. At one time, her husband Bayram Najafov was leased about 260 hectares of winter pastures from the Noxudlu state fund. According to her, over time, officials forcibly took all those lands from them. Her children, who have been engaged in farming for many years, are now trying to earn a living by working.

“In 1996, we were given 260 hectares of land on the collective farm – 163 hectares for cultivation and 97 hectares for livestock. The officials took all of them from us in parts. At that time, Salyan had a chief executive, Salman Salmanov, who started it. He wanted to take the land from us, but he couldn't. In the end, he took advantage of our illiteracy. They cheated my husband and took the deed. It was the former Minister of Agriculture Irshad Aliyev who had the late Heydar Aliyev sign that document. They brought it to our farm, filmed it and showed it on TV. The former chief executive took the document from my husband and hid it. After that, he took 50 hectares from us. They later took 100 hectares by police force. In 2018, another person named Ramil Hasanov took yet another 95 hectares from us by police force. The executive branch and the police assisted him in this."

Answer to Gulsum Najafova from the Internal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

"I was dragged to the notary and made to sign"

Gulsum Najafova said that the police came to the area while their children and other relatives were in the fields. They were asked to agree to give the territory to Ramil Hasanov. When the Najafovs refused, they were beaten and then taken to the Salyan District Police Department. There, they took their phones and deleted videos of the events in the field. Each of them was administratively fined 200 AZN on charges such as resisting the police and hooliganism: “Police guarded our door for three days. When we woke up in the morning, we saw that the police were already at the door. They were threatening. I was almost dragged from the house to the notary and beaten. Otherwise, they threatened to arrest my children."

"About 200 people lived in those lands"

On that evening, the head of the Salyan District Executive Power Sevindik Hatamov signed an order to return to the state fund 95 hectares of winter pastures leased from the land of the Noxudlu State Fund to Bayram Najafov. Shortly afterwards, he signed another order to lease the land to Aztasarrujat LLC, headed by Ramil Hasanov.

"When I said that the lease of 95 hectares had expired, I went to the chief executive several times to extend it. Maybe I went back and forth 10-15 times at this age. Sometimes he did it, sometimes he said that the President did not issue an order to extend the lease. We were deceived. In the end, he said, go where you want, complain. We had officials' farms on all four sides. An agro-park was established in the Gizilagaj area of ​​Salyan. It seems that our land also fell into the territory of the agro-park. Later we learned that we had been deceived", says Najafova.

Decision of Judge Agarza Samadov, who considered the claim of the chief executive in Salyan District Court

The chief executive demanded 10,000 AZN from the Najafova for complaining

Sevindik Hatamov claims that what is written about him in the letters of complaint is slander and damages his reputation. Therefore, he demanded that Gulsum Najafova and her two sons pay 10,000 AZN. In addition, they should send another letter to the president and vice-president, telling them that what they wrote earlier is a lie.

Judge Agarza Samadov, who considered the claim of the chief executive in the Salyan District Court, found it justified. The 77-year-old woman and her two sons decided to pay 2,000 AZN to Sevindik Hatamov. He ordered them to send another telegram to the Presidential Administration to refute what they had written about the chief executive.

The Interior Ministry's Internal Investigation Department told Meydan TV that Gulsum Najafova's and her family members' allegations that they had been subjected to illegal actions by Salyan police officers were not confirmed during the investigation.

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