2021 Novruz pardons announced

Among those pardoned were Ganja, Nardaran prisoners and members of the Popular Front Party.

Among those pardoned are Ganja and Nardaran prisoners and members of the Popular Front Party

On 18 March 18, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev pardoned imprisoned people right before the Novruz holiday.

This is a tradition that has led to the release of many high-profile prisoners in the past.

According to the order, 475 people were released early, and another 150 more had their sentences reduced.

Among those pardoned are Emin Sagiyev, Elvin Allahverdiyev, Mahammad Imanli of the Ganja prisoners, and Anar Aliyev, Farhad Mirzayev, Vusal Alishov, Ramin Yariyev, Shamil Abdulaliyev from Nardaran prisoners. These people had been imprisoned in relation to an uprising in Ganja in 2018 and from the religious Nardaran district.

Ruhulla Akhundzadeh, chairman of the Astara regional branch of the Islamic Party, was also among those pardoned.

Members of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Orkhan Bakhishli, Babek Hasanov and Elchin Ismayilli were also pardoned.

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