• Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  14 February 2020
  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  31 January 2020
    "This is a first for Azerbaijan"

    The new opposition unites representatives of different political movements.

  • Author: Nataliya Gumenyuk, Bohdan Kutiepov
    Date:  28 January 2020
    Baku: City of Millionaires and Slums

    With oil riches, what does the life of ordinary Azerbaijanis look like today?

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  9 January 2020
    "They called me crazy"

    Despite being mocked, a brave Azerbaijani woman started a small sewing shop and saved several families in her home village who were in dire need of income.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  19 December 2019
    Invisible wounds

    Psychological trauma experienced during war may develop over time into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is impossible to cope with on one's own.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  8 November 2019
    When Landslides Hit

    Since the beginning of this fall, Azerbaijani experts report that the landslide zones have become active in the country again.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  21 October 2019
    How does racism manifest itself in Azerbaijan?

    Ismayil Abdullayev, a well-known football commentator in Azerbaijan, paid the price for a racist joke he made on air and sparked major debates about whether racism exists in Azerbaijan.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  10 October 2019
    Girmizi Gasaba: Jerusalem of the Caucasus

    A report from the"Jerusalem of the Caucasus" - a village in northern Azerbaijan.

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  8 October 2019
    Living by candlelight

    People in three Azerbaijani villages continue to live without electricity, with some 900,000 USD allocated to supply the villages with electricity

  • Author: Meydan TV
    Date:  25 September 2019
    Jangaib’s last inhabitants: Why are villages in Azerbaijan being deserted?

    Poor services and roads to remote villages has led around 20 villages in Azerbaijan to be classified as "disappearing". But what effects does this have on the lives of their inhabitants?