Why America?

What is a jail sentence of 5-10 years in comparison to the sacrifices given by the democrats of the West?!

At a time when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are in the midst of a turmoil, United States is remembered once again.  As Obama has said, when someone in Ukraine is abducted, when girls are kidnapped in Nigeria… people are always looking for United States.  When you look at it, the sincerest anti-Americans are the North Koreans. They do not call upon America to solve their problems. A year ago those that were saying that “for 10 years already, America has not left Iraq” are now angrily asking “why is America not entering Iraq?” Needless to say, it is a strange situation. Why the United States? If you are in need, then why are you bashing them? If you are bashing them, why are you calling them?

The answer to this question lies in United States’ substance. In essence, the United States can be summed up in one word – natural.  This government has stepped into the field in a natural way.  They have lived through all their success and failures, pride and shame in a natural way. Let me give an example.  I’m a lawyer!  There were days, when I was applying for a job somewhere and needed to write an application, I would either work from the standard template of older lawyers, or I would put my knowledge and logic to work and write my application from scratch.  When I worked from a standard template, the court would rarely find any formal errors, but an application written from scratch would be either returned to me or the judge would give me time to correct my mistakes… Meaning, I was growing by stumbling.

Same as my applications, Americans have created the United States from scratch, growing by stumbling, with their own efforts, slavery, segregation, unlimited capitalism, civil war… have been overcome, and now, they are continuing in their struggle to grow. In 1861, when the Civil War was taking place in the United States, they were not calling upon some European countries, nor Turkey, nor China, nor Russia, nor any other established government for help. Tens of thousands of Americans died, the country was devastated, but they were able to erase the stain of slavery and continue to develop. The Great Depression in America in 1929-1933, to this day the largest and most severe economic crisis, had left such a big country half-dead.  During such time Americans did not ask another country for financial aid.  They gathered together like normal people, chose a wise president who was able to pull the country out of the situation.

United States is managed by the people. A government that has been established with so much hard work, should not be used freely in every which way. If someone, including the United States comes and overturns your dictator, gives you the elections that you could not give yourselves, gives you pluralism, of course it will take your oil in return. Of course, you do not need to invent the wheel a second time. But, Americans are not going to come and fight, just so some dimwit country could have democracy.  Those that are saying “Why should I go? Let those from Karabakh, the refugees, go fight” are blaming America in not solving our issue and not fighting here.  An American soldier is one of the most expensive soldiers in the world. Over there the budget is formed through taxes, not by sucking out the oil fund, if people’s tax money is spent in Iraq, let Iraq make the effort and compensate with oil.  In reality, this is a very simple calculation – give me my money, take the democracy.  To sit aside with the Monroe Doctrine and wait for the eastern hemisphere to come to democracy on its own was neither beneficial nor safe for the United States.  The best option was for United States to present democracy, values such as human rights, and at times impose them by force.  For example, these values that were forced upon South Korea, Japan, at the expense of millions of people’s lives established today’s South Korea and Japan. This is the same Korea that until then was under a dictatorship. Was it worth it? Of course it was worth it. What about Iraq? If you look at the current result, you can easily curse America out, but if we look a little further like South Korea, it would not be so easy to curse.

Yes, I am also a humanist. I do not want somebody to get killed.  But, nothing is solved by chanting like a hippie “everyone disappear, let there be peace.”  One issue definitely needs to be taken into consideration.  With the inclusion of human rights, the universal values we currently refer to as European values, once were created by Europeans specifically against Westerners. The French Revolution and the revolutions in the United States were not against Arabia or Zimbabwe, they were specifically against feudal, dictator, Westerners. It was by sacrificing millions of people and by going through thousand struggles that Westerns got to apply the European values to their lives.  But, this does not mean that currently there is no one opposing these values in those countries.  The battle still continues – a golden example of this is the fight of the members of the European Parliament loyal to European values against those members who have been bought off by caviar.  If you are siding with universal values, referred to as the European values, if you want a human being to live like a human, then you have to fight, in both the West and the East, against those who are against these values ​​and in order to gain support for this fight, you must join the progressive politics.  And these politics, good or bad, are only in the Western government.

The first such government in the world is United States of America.  In other words, Americans are the ones who created a government from scratch by applying the European values; that is why everything comes to them naturally.  Let me give another example.  Sometimes, United States is criticized for its difficult living conditions because the government’s social welfare function is not big enough. Yes, Americans are struggling. For example, I have seen in U.S. courts, people who with dissatisfaction postpone their work in order to serve as a juror (in United States people are registered in line and have to serve as jurors in U.S. courts). But, they are doing it.  Because justice, even if obtained with difficulty, is important. They suffer more than Europeans, because some feudal has not handed to them an established aristocratic government, they are growing by stumbling, they prepare their applications without using templates, from scratch.  Now, that template is being offered to us, here you go, in comparison to 1776 this is an easier version, do not invent a bicycle from scratch, just sit and peddle. Of course, it will not be easy to keep a balance on the bicycle.

Currently, I am in jail for attempting to apply that template.  I am putting myself in place where those who have detained me would not be subject to any pressure or commentary, in place of the XVIII century democrats, and currently… showing to the ones who have detained me pressure, condemnation, a fist, a finger, even to those criticizing them, to those worrying about this imprisonment, I say thank you.  It is easy to curse America, but prior to it, there are many subjects that have to be cursed.  What is a jail sentence of 5-10 years in comparison to the sacrifices given by the democrats of the West?!  As Rasulzade has said, from nothing people have created values and given it to us.

Whoever has not read it, should read the Declaration of Independence of the United States.  Soon, this document is going to be 238 years old.  If a natural system founded on that document was not going to be United States of America, I do not know what it was going to be.  But, I do know that, fortunately, there is America.  By looking at that government, I believe even more in the infinity of human power and the triumph of humanism.

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