Relative to neighboring gas producers, Azerbaijanis pay more for their petrol

1000 cubic meters of gas amount to 1.4 percent of an average annual Azerbaijani salary.

As of 16 October, a decision has been made to increase natural gas prices in Azerbaijan. From November 1, the price of natural gas used from 1,200 cubic meters rose from 0.10 AZN to 0.12 AZN, a 20 percent increase.

According to the Tariff Council, who is responsible for the decision, it was made to ensure energy security and create a dynamic, intensive economic environment, as well as to eliminate subsidies from the state budget.

What is the percentage of the average monthly salary for every thousand cubic meters of gas?

In Azerbaijan, each 1000 cubic meters of gas is 1.4 percent (0.12 AZN) of an annual salary (8,664 AZN). This is the minimum price. When the limit is exceeded, it is calculated at 0.20 AZN or 0.25 AZN.

In neighboring countries, the same ratio of 1000 cubic meters to annual salary varies: For countries such as Armenia, Turkey and Georgia, who do not produce gas themselves, the percentage of annual salary is higher. Compared to other nearby gas producing countries, however, such as Russia, Iran and Kazakhstan, Azerbaijanis spend more of their yearly salary on gas than the others.

This is the second time gas prices have been raised in the country this year. Cost of living has been increasing in Azerbaijan, with groceries and other goods also being


by price hikes.

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