Pharrells’ message at concluding F1 concert

Pharrel William’s delivered the closing concert for F1 on Sunday evening.

He began the concert with his popular hit, “Freedom”, and ended it on a similar note:

“These beautiful children who just left the stage…they are going to be the ones…they are the future! When they grow up, they will change things not only here but around the world. And no one can stop them, no one can block them. No one can get in their way. You want to know why? ‘Cuz God made them! You can’t get in the way of what God has for you…so tonight, when we sing this song, “Freedom”, I want you to sing the song with me…and I want you sing it at the same time when those kids grow up and change things, not only in this country but around the world! Say, freedom! Everyone in the back, freedom!”

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