N!DA Civic Movement Releases Documentary, Marks Third Birthday

Established in February 2011, NIDA Civic Movement celebrated its third birthday today. The organization of 400 members is best known for organizing the March 17 protest in 2012, actively participating in the rally against non-combat deaths in military, as well as arrests of eight of their members. They name democratization through non-violent means as their main goal.

Earlier this year NIDA released the “5 Fəsil” (Five Seasons) documentary, which discussed human rights abuse and political situation in Azerbaijan in the last five years.

“We thought that, it would be effective to demonstrate the situation in Azerbaijan to our people through the form of visual art, which is always a strong tool, and is unfortunately vastly underused in Azerbaijan,” said NIDA’s co-founder Turgut Gambar.

 The film, which was made together with Elephant Production, is now available with English subtitles.

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