Lankaran official explains how to rig elections

With the parliamentary elections approaching, local Azerbaijani officials are preparing to ensure their desired results. One way to do that is to carry out a “carousel operation.”

The head of Lankaran District Executive Authority in the south of Azerbaijan has been captured on film explaining to a group of people how to falsify the vote. Speaking at the Lankaran Cultural Center on October 27, Taleh Garashov gave detailed instructions on how to carry out a “carousel operation” on election day, one attendee told Meydan TV on condition of anonymity.

Garashov apparently instructed participants that they would be taken to polling stations to cast ballots for the incumbent MP Rufat Guliyev. To this end, “


, “


and “


are appointed.


bring ten people to the carousel and report to


, who in turn report to


. The hierarchical structure of the carousel is designed to ensure Guliyev’s re-election.

Our source claimed that Garashov controls the electoral process in Lankaran and regularly holds such meetings. The source also alleged that Garashov received payments from Guliyev in exchange for these services.

Actions aimed at influencing election results are punishable under the Azerbaijani Criminal Code.

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