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Investigation into case of Ali Karimli's bodyguard ends

The court again refused to release him under house arrest

The Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office has completed its investigation into the case of Niyamaddin Ahmadov, an activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) and former bodyguard of the party's chairman Ali Karimli. The case will be sent to court in the coming days after Ahmadov and his lawyer get acquainted with the materials of the criminal case.

Ahmadov's lawyer filed a petition with the court to change the measure of restraint, citing the completion of the investigation. The lawyer stated in his petition that the grounds indicated by the prosecutor's office and the court for house arrest was no longer valid, which was that Ahmadov could influence the course of the investigation, the witnesses, or escape.

The petition was considered by the Nasimi District Court but yet again declined. Lawyer Zibeyda Sadigov told Meydan TV that the decision will be appealed.

Ahmadov is charged under Articles 214-1 (financing of terrorism), 233-1 (acquisition and possession of items not allowed by law) and 28.281 (preparation for public incitement against the state) of the Criminal Code. These articles provide for up to 14 years in prison.

It is alleged that Ahmadov collaborated with his compatriot Gabil Mammadov, who lives in Germany and harshly criticizes and sometimes insults the Azerbaijani government on social networks. Allegedly, Mammadov was planning terrorist acts in Azerbaijan and sent money to Ahmadov for this purpose. It is also reported that glasses with a small camera were found in Ahmadov's house.

Ahmadov denies the accusations and says he is being punished for being an aide to Karimli. Furthermore, Ahmadov's father claims that his son was severely tortured to sign a confession at the beginning of his arrest, which caused him health problems.

Along with such criminal cases, the Azerbaijani government is notorious for using various measures to suppress opposition groups and parties, including the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext.

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