Gubad Ibadoglu’s health is deteriorating day by day

Gubad Ibadoglu. Illustration: Meydan TV

Gubad Ibadoglu’s daughter Zhala Bayramova told Meydan TV that his health continues to deteriorate: “his type 2 diabetes worsened due to lack of treatment and organ damage became noticeable and his toenails began to fall off, which could lead to amputation if left untreated.”

Bayramova noted that “her father’s blood sugar level since his arrest remained 4-5 times higher than normal, and the pre-trial detention center did not provide proper treatment.” This has already caused significant damage to various organs, as well as damage to peripheral nerves. He experiences a burning sensation in his arms and legs, as well as severe pain in his heart, kidneys, prostate, and spine; he has difficulty walking and has been flatly denied access to a cane.

Independent doctors from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture tried several times to gain access to him but were denied entry into the pre-trial detention center. The Azerbaijani authorities did not comply with the decision of the European Court of Human Rights, which demanded that Ibadoglu be given access to medical care.

In a most recent development, Bayramova told Meydan TV that he began losing his nails, a common symptom of untreated diabetes. “This process leaves open wounds that take a long time to heal. This poses a risk of amputation, as the conditions in the cell are far from sanitary, and rats and cockroaches are reportedly common here,” Bayramova said.

Ibadoglu, an Azerbaijani academic and anti-corruption researcher, was detained on July 23 last year and remains in a Baku pre-trial detention center. His arrest was extended twice, in November last year and in February this year, and now his continuous detention period is 8 months.

He was detained on charges of trafficking in counterfeit money as part of an organized group and extremism, linking him to the FETÖ movement. Gubad Ibadoglu and his family denied the charges.

Last September, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for his release and medical attention; a second resolution is in the works and will be voted on next week, making it rare for multiple resolutions to be passed on the same case. There are similar draft resolutions  in the US Senate and House of Representatives

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