Doctors in Mingachevir demand salary supplements

They have not received any despite over a year of the pandemic.

Foto: Meydan TV

"They don't take into account that we are endangering our lives", one doctor said.

Doctors working with coronavirus patients at the Mingachevir Emergency and Urgent Care Station say they have not received salary supplements for over a year. The doctors, who wished to remain anonymous, informed Meydan TV of the problem.

According to them, they had not complained about working with coronavirus patients. They say they were to be patient at first, and then that, "anyone who does not want to [continue] can resign". Unlike in Baku, Mingachevir has limited options for doctors. They do not take into account that we are endangering our lives, "said one of the doctors.

They don’t take into account that we are endangering our lives.

Doctors said that after ambulance doctors in Baku protested, they hoped their supplements would be paid. But as time passed, they realized nothing was changing.

The Mingachevir Ambulance Station declined to comment on the issue.

Doctors working in Baku hospitals also received supplements for the last time in January for December last year. The doctor of the Clinical Medical Center (Semashko), who did not want to be named, said that the supplements were promised to be transferred after Novruz. However, after such a long wait, they do not expect payment in the near future. “More than half of the doctors of the Medical Clinical Center cooperate with two or three private clinics. Patients with coronavirus are brought in and we work as we have been this whole time. The rest of the day we receive patients in private clinics. Sometimes we work twelve hours a day because it is impossible to live on a salary of 450-500 manat provided by the state", said the doctor.

The doctor also said that there were serious complaints in the field of health.

"Doctors who are closely involved in the treatment of coronavirus patients and the wounded in the Karabakh war are disrespected. Some celebrities went to private clinics. At the same time, we are harming our health by working at three clinics. They do not take into account that doctors are already working in a stressful job."

The State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance did not respond to a written request from Meydan TV although they had asked for questions to be sent in writing.

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