Director of Television Channel 'Kanal 13' Arrested

Director of internet-television “Kanal 13” Aziz Orujov was taken to Nasimi Police Station while going to work in the morning on May 2.

Late that evening news spread of his arrest and his being taken to Nasimi District Court. His lawyer Elchin Sadiqov says that he was found guilty by the court of committing an administrative offence under Article 535 part 1, of the Administrative Code of Azerbaijan (disobedience to a lawful order by police officer) and sentenced to 30 days. Orujov himself does not admit to the accusation. Sadiqov says that he has been arrested due to his journalistic activity.

Kanal 13 has been on air since October 10, 2008.

“Kanal 13” states in their website that their main purpose is to give equal opportunity to al NGO’s, human rights defenders, youth organisations, public unions representatives, and members of other institutions and organisations without taking into consideration of race, language, religious, sex, nationalities and political view to express themselves in a public forum. 

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