Commemorating Elmar Huseynov (VIDEO)


On July 17, former editor of magazine


Elmar Huseynov would have celebrated his 48th birthday. On March 2, 2005 he was gunshot in the mouth at his doorstep, in a brazen murder that remains unsolved. Those who ordered the murder are still at large, despite President Ilham Aliyev’s pledges to bring them justice.

Elmar’s friends and colleagues, as well as public figures got together at Huseynov’s tomb to commemorate the journalist,


National Strategic Thoughts Center chief Isa Gambar said that Huseynov was a victim of the ruling regime in Azerbaijan: “We come here at least twice a year. Often we repeat our words. Every year we say that Elmar was a victim of this government and the Aliyev regime. 10 years ago, Ilham Aliyev promised that this crime will be solved within a week. But while the days turned into months and years, the murder is still unsolved.”

Journalist Chingiz Sultansoy said: “Our government is not interested in investigating the murder.”


was openly critical of the Aliyev ruling family and their regime. Investigative journalist Khadija Ismaiylova, who is now imprisoned, once


about Huseynov’s death, “They killed him at his doorstep. And the first thing I thought when I heard was, “It’s my responsibility too. It’s my fault as well, because he was doing it alone.”

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