Caspian Report: Legitimacy of Ukraine’s New Government

It has been a very busy week for Ukraine’s Parliament. They reinstated the 2004 constitution, which turned Ukraine back to a parliamentary system rather than a presidential one. The parliament also appointed a new interior minister and speaker of the parliament (both are members of Fatherland Party led by recently freed Yulia Tymoshenko), and is now moving to impeach measures against former President Viktor Yanukovych. In fact, I should say current president, because even before the impeachment process began, the parliament dismissed Yanukovych on the grounds that he was incapable of fulfilling his presidential duties. This is dubious, because technically speaking such charge does not exist in Ukraine’s constitution. I am not defending the legitimacy Yanukovych, but the parliament simply bypassed the entire impeachment process and thus acted against their own constitution, therefore one can argue whether this was a coup or not.

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