A resident is checked by police officers during the quarantine Baku

Источник: Meydan TV

Başlıq: A resident is checked by police officers during the quarantine Baku

Weekend curfew followed by complications in Azerbaijan

Baku imposed a curfew the last weekend, ordering residents in cities to stay home after the sharp rise of coronavirus cases in the country.

According to the government decision, released on Thursday, people were not allowed to leave their homes on Saturday or Sunday with the exception of medical emergencies. Those with urgent health issues could obtain permission from law enforcement agencies.

Over the weekend lockdown, markets, pharmacies, public transport, and taxi services were all closed. It was forbidden to leave the house even by private car.

The curfew also witnessed serious police brutalities in different parts of the capital city of Baku that later was followed with public discontent.

Meydan TV obtained footage of police dragging a man who had allegedly violated the curfew into the police car. The police were then protested against by people living in the man's building, throwing garbage from the windows of their houses.

Azerbaijan imposed restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on 24 March, and they have been extended several times, most recently up until 15 June. Since 18 May, restrictions have slightly been lifted in the country.

The wearing of masks and social distancing are still mandatory in public spaces.

Many say that the rise in infections relate to the early lifting of the quarantine in Azerbaijan. The government lifted the restrictions to revive the economy, which is expected to experience a serious recession.

Azerbaijan has registered 7,553 confirmed coronavirus cases and 88 deaths as of Monday.

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