Topic: Analysis

18.07.2017, 10:42
Tamaz Papuashvili

Azerbaijan Between Russia and Iran

How will Azerbaijan navigate the growing Qatar crisis, and relations between its two powerful northern and southern neighbors: Iran and Russia?

31.05.2017, 17:17

A Free Woman: Life After Prison

2015 was the last time that the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan unveiled the number of women who had committed crimes. According to this statistic, 1,128 women committed crimes in 2015.

23.05.2017, 14:39
Elmir Mirzoyev

Running into a Trap: the Emigration Mafia of Azerbaijan

Because of political pressure and the worsening economic situation in Azerbaijan, ever more people are striving to move abroad. It appears that an illegal business for sending refugees – both real and fake – to Europe is developing in Azerbaijan alongside the growth in the number of émigrés.

16.05.2017, 09:51
Onnik James Krikorian

A Narrative of Peace: Ethnic Armenian-Azeri Coexistence in Georgia

Despite the war in Karabakh, Georgia plays host to a number of Azerbaijani - Armenian settlements where cohabitation and tolerance take precedence over the war. This narrative, however, is often shunned in favor of one of enmity by the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Meydan TV visited some of Georgia's Azerbaijani-Armenian regions to find out more about what has kept these communities glued together.