Topic: Interview

24.02.2017, 13:44

Isa Gambar: Ilham Aliyev Has No One to Trust

The February 21 decree appointing First Lady Mehriban Alieyeva to the post of First Vice President has been a major topic of discussion on social media and online news outlets in the past few days. It even caught the attention of foreign media.

15.12.2016, 13:36
Günel Mövlud

"A patriarchal society can not see homosexuals as men"

Vahid Ali has been an LGBT and gender rights activist for the past 3 years, during which he has lead trainings and independent research in several organizations. Currently, he is working on a pocket - sized book which will discuss LGBT and gender issues. His recent blog, which touches on questions of discrimination against sexual minorities in patriarchal societies, drew him to our attention.