Relatives disown Emin Milli

Relatives of Meydan TV Executive Director Emin Milli accused Milli of treason in a letter sent to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev via website Twenty-three relatives of Milli, including cousins, aunts-in-law and an aunt, stated that they do not support Milli’s “anti-Azerbaijan policy” and exclude him from their family due to “betrayal of Azerbaijan.”

The letter reads the following:

To His Excellency Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 

Mr. President, as a citizen of the independent and democratic republic of Azerbaijan and as a member of YAP Party [New Azerbaijan Party], I appeal about my relative (if he can be called a relative), Emin Abdullayev (Emin Milli), a resident of Baku.

He came under the influence of foreign forces abroad. He published dirty writings spreading false information about our republic, which has a strong social policy and economy, and about all the successes and progress of our development. He questioned our integration with foreign countries. He has insidious thoughts and tries to present himself as a hero.

As a relative, I, my family and all our close relatives have repeatedly expressed our outrage and indignation over his dirty acts. We have repeatedly advised him to move away from these dirty acts and to get on the right side.

The response of this weak-willed man, who switched his loyalty, has always been one and the same: “I am on the right side. Forget me forever.”

This man forgets that democracy has a wide margin in Azerbaijan, and that our country is rapidly developing in accordance with the national mentality and the requirements of time. The state punishes those who violate the laws and the rights of other citizens. Emin Abdullayev (Emin Mlli) wants to question that power and law are on the side of he government

This person with his dirty acts is sowing disunity in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He does not want to live with honest thoughts in independent Azerbaijan, in a free country. It looks like that while living abroad, it is better to live without family, relatives, faith in God, language and mentality

The best citizen is the one who cares about the society rather than himself, who is ready to sacrifice his life for the existence and happiness of the country. As a citizen of a society where laws are faithfully executed, I have always supported and will support the domestic and foreign policy of the state.

We, the signatory relatives of this person, express our protest against his bad acts, which do not comply with the laws of the Constitution of Azerbaijan.

1. Yusif Agayev Abdullayev (cousin)

2. Aygun Aydin Abdullayeva (cousin)

3. Zulfiyya Mammad Abdullayeva (cousin)

4. Tarana İldırım Abdullayeva (cousin)

5. Lala İldırım Abdullayeva (cousin)

6. Shovkat Xanmirza Abdullayeva (aunt-in-law)

7. Karim Yusif Karimov (cousin)

8. Yogrul Yusif Karimov (cousin)

9. Zamina İldırım Mehdiyeva (cousin)

10. Salima Agabay Azizova (aunt)

11. Seyidhanım Mirjavad Abdullayeva (aunt-in-law)

12. Konul Yusif Karimova (cousin)

13. Nahida Yusif Zeynalova (cousin)

14. Zuleyha Yusif Ahmadova (cousin)

15. Javahir Mammadhasan Rzayeva

16. Pustaxanım Agabay Karimova

17. Allahverdi Avaz Mikayılov

18. Gulshan Hidayat Mikayılova

19. Alimammad Hidayat Aliyev (cousin)

20. Narmina Hidayat Aliyeva (cousin)

21. Natavan Yusif Yusubova (cousin)

22. Amina Yusif Ramazanova (cousin)

23. Polad İldırım Abdullayev (cousin)