Vladimir Putin criticizes Russian TV channels for not covering EuroGames

Source: Vesti.az, RIA Novosti 

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized Russian TV channels for insufficient coverage of the upcoming European Games in Baku set for June 12-28, Vesti.az reported on June 3, 2015 citing RIA Novosti.

“How could it be now [President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander] Zhukov sent me a note that no one wanted to cover the first European Games in Baku, a world sports event, not a single channel?” Putin wondered at a sports council meeting.

The Russian president conceded that there are budgetary limitations that may prevent Russian channels from covering the event in Baku. However, he described the inaugural European Games as a key world sports event.

“We need to set our priorities,” Putin added.

The Russian president is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the European Games in Baku on June 12, 2015.