Abducted opposition activist found in pre-trial detention facility

Ahsan Abdullayev, an activist from the opposition Popular Front of Azerbaijan Party (PFAP), who was abducted by unknown people in Baku on 10 November, was found in a pre-trial detention facility in Baku nearly three days later.

The PFAP press service reported that there had been no information about Abdullayev for three days following his disappearance on 10 November. It was only on the evening of 12 November that the police informed his family that he had been detained and sentenced to a 15-day administrative arrest. The police did not tell them when the court had passed this ruling or what exactly he was accused of. They only said that he had published "insulting posts" on Facebook. "And that confirms the political nature of the arrest," the PFAP says.

Ahsan Abdullayev had taken part in protest rallies organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) on 23 September, 7 October and 28 October.

Different kinds of pressure have been exerted on about 500 people for their participation in the latest opposition rallies – people have been summoned to police stations, detained briefly, and several have been dismissed from their jobs.

The NCDF rallies were held under the slogans "Give back the money stolen from the people!" and "No more graft!".

The NCDF is a coalition of opposition parties established on 7 July 2013. Its chairman is Jamil Hasanli, a former MP and NCDF presidential candidate.