Meydan TV is an independent media platform that draws upon the collaboration of some of the most influential writers, journalists, activists, bloggers and intellectuals from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is an increasingly repressive state where freedom of expression is under serious threat. Meydan TV's network provides a crucial source of news, analysis and opinion from Azerbaijanis inside and outside the country.

Meydan TV's digital platform was launched in April 2013 by a group of exiled Azerbaijani activists and writers, and has rapidly become a professional media outlet, producing news, investigations, video reportages, interviews, analysis, opinion articles and infographics. Meydan TV operates under a German-registered NGO, Vereinigung für die Demokratie in Aserbaidschan e.V., and has its administrative centre in Berlin.

A non-profit organization, Meydan TV seeks to improve access to independent information in and about Azerbaijan and therefore all content is available free of charge. However, at present we are fully reliant on grants and donations to remain operational. Your donation will help prevent Azerbaijan from becoming an information vacuum where news is entirely state-controlled. Independent donations are used to pay the salaries of our network of contributors, editors, translators in Azerbaijan, as well as helps us pay for maintenance and upgrades to the website.

You can support Meydan TV either by making a payment directly to our organizational bank account, or via PayPal. Donations will be received by Vereinigung für die Demokratie in Aserbaidschan e.V.

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