• Author: Arzu Geybulla
    Date:  8 August 2015
    Fake and aggressive

    They can also beat you up, or break your camera or attack you with a broken bottle as we saw outside Khadija Ismayil's trial today (August 7). The absurdity of it all is unexplainable, I cannot ...

  • Author: Mike Runey
    Date:  17 July 2015
    Iran's Sanctions and Azerbaijan's Future

    Azerbaijan has worked to portray its gas reserves as a vital counterweight to Europe's dependence on Russian gas. But the imminent entry of competitors such as American, Israel, Iraq, Cyprus, and now Iran into the European ...

  • Author: Emin Milli
    Date:  14 July 2015
    ‘Azerbaijan’s Dictator Wants Me Dead’

    With billions of dollars squandered on the European Games and dozens of activists in jail, the president of a putatively “strong state” is terrified of a small Berlin-based online edition.

  • Author: Orxan Məmməd
    Date:  7 July 2015
    The Occupied Goygol of My Childhood

    The picturesque lake of Goygol has been closed to the public for 10 years so that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev can spend two or three days a year there.

  • Author: Naomi Anderson
    Date:  4 July 2015
    “The Scapegoat to the East:” How Baku exploits Karabakh issue

    The presentation of Armenians as constant aggressors leaves the door open for the Azerbaijani government to point their finger to the east when they begin to feel pressure from their people.

  • Author: Jonathan Bach
    Date:  10 June 2015
    Behind Baku’s eerily perfect façade

    Thousands of European athletes are about to converge on Baku, where they will behold opulent high-rises and modern stadiums. But what lies behind the city’s eerily perfect façade? Jonathan Bach, a research fellow with the UNESCO ...

  • Author: Florian Irminger
    Date:  9 June 2015
    Azerbaijan moves further apart from international community

    Azerbaijan’s decision to close the OSCE office is a blunt move that tells the international community that it does not care about its commitments and obligations.

  • Author: Arzu Geybulla
    Date:  7 June 2015
    Azerbaijan, a no man’s land

    What Azerbaijan really became is a bunch of concrete built over the grievances of Azerbaijanis who struggle to understand what happened to their country.

  • Author: Mike Runey
    Date:  9 May 2015
    International ambivalence around Azerbaijan’s EITI snafu

    If Azerbaijan can navigate a quiet way out of the EITI without attracting widespread international media attention - perhaps in the shadow of another major regional event - it will likely take it.

  • Author: Mike Runey
    Date:  18 April 2015
    On Rasul Jafarov

    Azerbaijan is a voluntary signatory of...