• Author: Jonathan Bach
    Date:  21 January 2016
    A Game of Absolutes

    Azerbaijan is stuck on the world stage between two major actors who are embroiled in quite the kerfuffle. What does the Russia-Turkey rift mean for Baku?

  • Author: Florian Irminger
    Date:  21 December 2015
    A parody of a courtroom in Azerbaijan

    Baku’s Court on Grave Crime in Azerbaijan has illustrated itself this week; it held 5 hearings in the case against Anar Mammadli, Bashir Suleymanli and Elnur Mammadov, and convicted the youth activists from the movement NIDA ...

  • Author: Eldar Mamedov
    Date:  13 December 2015
    Examining the Source of Discontent in Nardaran

    As long as discontent in Nardaran is seen through the prism of an “Islamist threat,” and not as a quest for dignity, the problems there will only continue to grow.

  • Author: Alakbar Raufoglu
    Date:  1 December 2015
    Nardaran violence sparks fresh concerns about authoritarian rule

    The methods used today by the Aliyev government are literally identical to those in the past. But if the Nardaran problem could be solved with violence, such as police raids, it would have been solved years ...

  • Author: Jahangir Yusif
    Date:  23 November 2015
    Sara died as a woman first

    Sara lost her two-year-long battle against cancer. Just a few days ago. The Azerbaijani doctors put Sara and her family through enormous pain, enough pain for a lifetime in just two years. Yes, people die. We ...

  • Author: Giorgi Lomsadze (EurasiaNet)
    Date:  3 November 2015
    Azerbaijan: Same as It Ever Was

    When it comes to Azerbaijan’s parliamentary elections on November 1, the numbers tell only a part of the story.

  • Author: Günel Mövlud
    Date:  20 October 2015
    My Brothers

    "My brothers' arrests are the result of inaction from those who remain silent when their rights are violated, and those who act as if they were “renting the place” that belongs to them. There are two ...

  • Author: Colleen Mac
    Date:  25 September 2015
    Memes, Twitter and human rights in America and Azerbaijan

    Twitter, memes, #hashtag advocacy and public bandwagoning in the US and Azerbaijan...

  • Author: Florian Irminger
    Date:  2 September 2015
    From one election to another: Azerbaijan completes another cycle of repression

    Azerbaijan has completed another cycle purging leading civil society voices from the streets of Baku, ahead of the parliamentary elections.

  • Author: Esma Watson
    Date:  25 August 2015
    Ilham Aliyev’s skeletons

    He is described as a jailer of supporters of freedom, a corrupt leader, plundering resources from his own people and known for his weakness for gambling. But looks like the President of Azerbaijan is earning a ...