• Author: Josef Gaßmann
    Date:  12 March 2017
    Washington Times Article on VP Mehriban Aliyeva Distorts Reality of Issues Plaguing Azerbaijan

    While civil society and international organizations condemned the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva to the position of First Vice President, Sobhani's article for the Washington Times suggested the recent development is nothing short of promising for Azerbaijan.

  • Author: Zardusht Alizade
    Date:  10 March 2017
    Addio, multiculturalism!

    In Azerbaijan, multiculturalism is very much in vogue these days. After all, 2016 was the “Year of Multiculturalism”.

  • Author: Günel Mövlud
    Date:  3 March 2017
    Heroism for Sale: Medals Sold, Value Lost

    I heard the other day that Olga Korbut is selling her medals. The four-time Olympic champion gymnast, the most famous female athlete of the Soviet Union, put up her hard-won golds for auction in February.

  • Date:  20 February 2017
    Rising Star Rumiya Aghayeva on Career, Acting and Theatre Industry in Azerbaijan

    Rumiya Aghayeva has recently been making a big splash on Azerbaijan’s theatre scene, particularly in the plays of ADO theatre, which often pose challenging questions to Azerbaijani society and traditional values.

  • Author: Zardusht Alizade
    Date:  14 February 2017

    I have seen many shameless liars throughout my life. Those who call white – black, and black – white and make a living off doing so are never wanting in our society.

  • Author: Radio Svoboda
    Date:  26 January 2017
    Five Countries, One Blogger

    Alexander Lapshin, who holds 51st place in the ranking of LiveJournal users and has around 30,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal, was arrested on December 15, 2016 in Minsk. The arrest was made at the ...

  • Author: Günel Mövlud
    Date:  19 January 2017
    Left With Iron and Stones

    An epoch that could have brought about good living conditions, tourism, higher education, the translation of world literature and the development of the theatre and cinema was spent on stones and iron. . .

  • Author: Günel Mövlud
    Date:  10 January 2017
    The Azerbaijan I Miss

    Do I miss my country? A lot of people ask me this question.

  • Author: Günel Mövlud
    Date:  7 December 2016
    Balakhanim of Tent City

    There’s a scene stuck in my head from when I was 15 years old.

  • Author: Emin Aslan
    Date:  10 November 2016
    Silent Turkey

    Why has Turkey - including its media, government and civil - society - remained so conspicuously silent on the situation in Azerbaijan?