Youngest political prisoner in Azerbaijan – turns 19

This is going to be Shahin’s second birthday in jail. He is convicted to a six years sentence on what many describe as trumped up.

He is no ordinary 19 – year old birthday boy. He wont have an ordinary birthday party celebrating his new age with his closest friends and family. He is one brave young man. He is the youngest political prisoner in Azerbaijan. He is a branve man who is fighting for his right to be free. And he will celebrate his new age behind bars.

Shahin Novruzlu is one of the 7 N!DA civic movement members who were arrested and later convicted on charges varying from hooliganism, drug possession, to plotting against the government and instigating violence. Shahin was sentenced to six years. And despite his recent letter addressing the President Ilham Aliyev and requesting a pardon, he remains in jail with no further amendments made to his sentence.

This is Shahin’s second birthday celebrated behind bars. Happy Birthday Shahin! Whatever your wishes for your new age are, our wish is for your immediate release.

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