Who is the Judge that Condemned Qiyas Ibrahimov to 10 Years in Jail?

On October 25, Qiyas Ibrahimov was condemned to 10 years imprisonment by the Baku court judge on grave crimes, Anvar Saidov. The judge’s decision has since turned into a heated topic of discussion on social networking platforms. But who is Anvar Saidov?

Anvar Saidov
Anvar Saidov

On October 25, Qiyas Ibrahimov was condemned to 10 years imprisonment by the Baku court judge on grave crimes, Anvar Seidov. The judge’s decision has since turned into a heated topic of discussion on social networking platforms.

Journalist Zamin Haji:

“The judge of the court on grave crimes, Anvar Saidov, teaches law to future teachers in the State Pedagogical University. Do you now understand where they ‘nurture’ these obsequeious and advantage – seeking teachers?

Tofiq Yaqublu:

“Judge Anvar Saidov condemned Qiyas Ibrahimov to 10 years imprisonment, which is 1 year more than the general prosecutor even asked for.”

Ziya Bunyatov, Rahim Qaziyev, “Said Group”. . .

Anvar Saidov was the judge for a number of scandalous trials. The case of the murder of the academic Ziya Bunyatov, the case of the former minister of defense Rahim Qaziyev in connection with the occupation of Shusha and Lachin. . . the case of the so called “Said Group”, which was accused of preparing a government coup. He also presided over a case that brought accusations against Azerbaijanis who fought in Syria.

Said Dadashbeyli wrote in a letter to the president: ”

Judge Anvar Saidov turned out a verdict, according to which I performed the duties of the president of the Azerbaijani Republic from the end of 2006 until my arrest on the 13 of Januay, 2007. I am currently the ex – president. Any citizen that were to read this part of my appeal might end up rather confused, and if he were to consider me mentally ill, then I would understand…”

Dadashbeyli asks:

“The seizure of power in Azerbaijan with only 15 accomplices – isn’t this familiar on a tale from “1001 Nights?”

Subsequently, this latter surfaced, the answer to which was: “I am a conscientious judge.”

During the summer of this year it was discovered that judge Anvar Saidov, after the trial of the “Dadashbeyli Group”, sent a letter to the former Minister of National Security, Eldar Makhmudov, in which he thanked him and requested that he award the employees of the Ministry who participate in the operation to detain the group that was purportedly preparing a coup.

Anvar Saidov responded to the press:

“I am a conscientious judge. I deliver legal decisions in accordance with the lie. As concerns Eldar Makhmudov, then how should I have known that he was a mole? This person was trusted, he betrayed his country, and turned the Ministry of National Security into a nest of crime. Today, those who have committed these crimes are in custody. I believe that they will be fairly punished. I never forget Allah. I have never handed down unfair decisions. I am a faithful statesman. While presiding over the case of Rahim Qaziyev, they shot at me; the bullet flew over my head. There were even attempts at poisoning me. I serve the state, and my children will do so as well.”

Accusation from Rahim Qaziyev

By the way, the former Minister of Defense Rahim Qaziyev, who was condemned to death, writes about the judge that, “. . . unfortunately, as long as I have known Anvar Saidov, he has never delivered a fair verdict. I would like to reprove him for the trial that he presided over – it is a deep wound on the body of Azerbaijan. It was supposedly meant to research the cause of the bloody occupation of Shusha and Lachin. Investigative materials dealing with the occupation of Shusha and Lachin consisted of 51 volumes and 11,000 pages. All the acts of betrayal and crime which took place during this occupation were not investigated at all.”

Who is Anvar Saidov?

The 67 – year – old judge has been working in the justice system since 1972. He is a Doctor of Law and a professor. He is a member of the Research Council of the Pedagogical University.

He is the author of the following text-books: “The Application of International Standards in the Republic of Azerbaijan” (2003), “The Constitution and Basis of Law”, “The Basis of Law” (2008), “Heydar Aliyev and the Constitution of Azerbaijan” (2008), “Questions of Guaranteeing Human Rights in the Criminal Process: International Standards and Legislation Inside the Country” (2012).

And he’s a writer, too!

His novel “Telatum” (Choppiness, Alarm), was awarded the prize of the “The Golden Pen”, “The Golden Sword” and the prize of Rasul Rza.

Television shows have been filmed on the basis of his books, “Telatum”, “Viper”, “Love Without Direction” and “Tricksters.” He is also the author of “Roads of Fate” and “Thoughts on Life.”

How did he become a lawyer?

In an interview with “axar.az”, Anvar Saidov said that he studied in the University of the Arts, however his uncle had him expelled and he was forced to studied at the Technical School of Communication.

“I finished university with high honors and submitted an application to the philological faculty. On the day of my exam they told me I was not listed as an exam giver, and that I had been listed to take the exam on the faculty of law. This was back in 1969. Heydar Aliyev was aleady in power. When he came to power, the cleansing began. The practice of entering university through bribes came to an end. Heydar Aliyev ordered that refugees be taken onto the faculty of justice. And they all passed with flying colors… I came to Faiq Baqirov, the brother of the secretary of the Central Commission, Kemran Baghirov. I requested that he return me to the faculty of literature. He, half laughing told me, that neither Nizami nor Fizuli had completed a university education. And that’s how I got onto the faculty of law. That is, I didn’t desire it myself. I always wanted to be a writer…”


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