Turkey and Azerbaijan to launch TANAP pipeline



Originally published by Caucasian Knot

The Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP), which will deliver gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey and then to Europe, will start working on 12 June, the Turkish Energy Minister has announced.

Caucasian Knot has reported that Azerbaijan is going to start exploiting the Shah Deniz gas field. Russia offered to purchase from Azerbaijan the entire extracted volume of gas from this field. However, Baku supported the project of the Southern Gas Corridor and signed an agreement on the construction of the TANAP gas pipeline with Ankara. BP announced the start of delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Turkey on 30 June 2018.

Azerbaijani gas will reach Europe in 2020, Ilham Shaban, the head of the Caspian Barrel Oil Research Centre, has suggested.

The "Hurriyet" newspaper reports, with reference to Berat Albairak, the Turkish Energy Minister, that this summer Turkey will start deep-sea drilling in the Mediterranean.

As of 20 April, Azerbaijan had invested 78.1% of its participation share in the Southern Gas Corridor project, a total of 11.5 billion US dollars, according to Trend News Agency.

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