They call themselves Azerbaijan News Service: News service of fake news

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or how, Azerbaijan’s local channel misused its powers as media platform.

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written originally in Azerbaijani and published on August 2, 2014 on Meydan TV.

According to official sources, today, Azerbaijani army lost 8 of its men. The unofficial sources report 11 to 14 soldiers. I wish their dear ones much patience, and my deepest condolences to the martyrs. As for the Azerbaijani people…

It is hard, on one hand you have the government’s indifference and on the other, the heinous and filthy representatives of media. Surely you are aware of the recent statuses, photos and videos against so- called “Television sewage”.  Probably after all of that, the channels are trying to pull themselves together.

And then there are the online news platforms. For the sake of calming down people, they are spreading misinformation. Apparently Armenian side lost 51 people. These news were released and shared by ANS TV channel. The whole article is based on Tweets by an Armenian journalist, named Eduard Abramyan.

Let me get to the main point here. First of all, there is no such person as Eduard Abramyan on Twitter. You can check it yourself:

Now to my second point- the screen shot itself [see below]. Do you see “delete” button? You can only see it if you have access to the actual account, which means you must be logged in either as Eduard Abramyan or have his exact login info. Given that an Azerbaijani news outlet cannot be in possession of the latter, it is possible to conclude that not only Eduard Abramyan is a fake but that his whole account and tweets are the work of just as fake and equally dishonest people wanting to further confused people.

This is how Azerbaijan’s pro- government media is using its resources and pokes fun at the people, playing with their emotions, misusing the sense of revenge.

And the purpose? It is very simple. We have martyrs, people are frustrated, tensions are high.  Every year we lose soldiers either in combat or more often in out-of-combat conditions. No official institution carries the responsibility for these loses, there are no offocially distributed reports. So to prevent these tensions and calm the nerves, the sense of “revenge” must be instilled and what other better way of doing this than by spreading fake revenge news. And who can play this disgusting role best? The local TV channels and media platforms.

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