The Aliyevs’ Azerbaijan

The liberals of Azerbaijan have finally got what they were waiting for: a reaction from their European friends on the torture of Bayram Mammadov and Qiyas Ibrahimov who have been unfairly accused of drug trafficking, when all they actually did was decorated the foundation of a statue of Heydar Aliyev with the words, “Happy Slave Day!”

The praise-worthy bravery of Muiznieks

European Commissioner Nils Muiznieks, having gathered his wits and bravery about him, accused the Azerbaijani authorities of “ill – treatment! (wow! ill – treatment? in Azerbaijan? never!) of the youth and their unfair arrest and detention by Baku police.

He could not have found a more diplomatic euphemism for the extensive corpus of traditionally – accepted forms of torture and humiliation which have been legalized by the Aliyev regime in Azerbaijan — of which he is doubtlessly (and Europeanly) well – aware.

Better than nothing.

Having taken a deep breath of air and straining the entirety of his European upbringing, Mr. Muiznieks dared to “urge” the authorities of the country to conduct an effective inquiry into the accusations of “ill – treatment” that befell the two youth.

I’ll be objective: this “urging” is better than nothing, given that this mess of an affair has passed with the deafening silence of civil society and the masses in general.

And now I would like to share with Muiznieks a rather well – known secret.

Azerbaijan Today

Azerbaijan today is a country in which investigators, security services and procurators can, with a smile on their mustaches, have sex with the woman of a man suspected of a crime while his children and other relatives look on.

Azerbaijan today is a country where a suspect can be threatened to be raped by a police baton if he doesn’t confess to a prepared testimony. And a country where, in the rare event that a suspect shows resistance to the demands of the police, his rape may be filmed by camera to be used for future black-mailing and leverage.

Azerbaijan is a country in which the authorities, beginning from the very head of the government down to the prison guards, have the most distorted and perverse understanding of the words “honor” and “conscience.”

And Azerbaijan is a country in which Slave Day – officially known as Flower Day – is celebrated on the birthday of the country’s beloved ex – dictator.

That said, let’s call things for what they really are.

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