Situation after landslides in Baku remains critical

Landslides hit particularly vulnerable areas

During the last week, several settlements in southern Baku were hit by landslides. The situation in the particularly vulnerable area remains critical.

The landslides affected the Bayil slope and, further up, the area between the Badamdar municipality and the so-called 20th section.

Inhabitants of eleven houses above the landslide zone had to leave their homes. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources is closely monitoring the scene. Heavy rain has reportedly contributed to the landslide increasingly moving down towards the road. Prime-Minister Hajibala Abutalybov visited the site of disaster, where visible cracks gradually deepened as the ground continued to shift.

“Last night, cracks of 20 to 30 meters appeared on all eleven houses. The total affected area spans between 300 and 500 meters, and the weight of the landslide mass has reached 1,000 tons. The mass is still moving”, he said.

Japanese experts consulting the government on the matter recommended to demolish the buildings to diminish further risks as soon as the situation has stabilized.



this year, the same area was hit by a landslide that left deep cracks in the ground and destroyed multiple houses, forcing 400 people to abandon their homes.

In 2016, a


of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences revealed that some twenty Baku municipalities with more than 150,000 residents can be classified as landslide zones. Experts have


that the number of areas with a high risk of landslides has increased fourfold during the last two decades. The cause is a combination of several factors such as construction work on areas with poor slope stability, heavy rainfall, and lack of proper sewerage systems.

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