Senior investigator charged with abuse of power and fraud

Jailed investigator received medal for ‘Distinction in the Civil Service’ from President Ilham Aliyev after committing alleged crimes

Baku Prosecutor’s Office
Baku Prosecutor’s Office

A decorated senior investigator at the Baku Prosecutor’s Office has been arrested and placed in pre-trial detention. The Headquarters for Combating Corruption at the Prosecutor General’s Office has opened a criminal case, spokesperson Eldar Sultanov has


, charging the investigator with abuse of power and fraud.

Senior investigator Mushfig Abbasov was involved in the investigation of the 2014


of Fuzuli Isgandarov, Deputy Head of the Real Estate Registry Service at the time and the cousin of former Minister of Finances Avaz Alakbarov. The victim’s wife, Khalida Isgandarova, was accused of murdering her husband after an argument.

Investigators claimed that immediately after the murder, Khalida Isgandarova called her brother, Ilyas Ibrahimov, military attache at Azerbaijan’s embassy in Turkey, to get his advice on how to cover up the crime. It was claimed that they spoke on Skype using WiFi connections.

Ilyas Ibrahimov testified, however, that according to the rules at the embassy he was not allowed to use WiFi at home. He claims that he presented senior investigator Mushfig Abbasov with documents from internet provider Turkcell proving that he did not use WiFi at the time in question.

‘They declared the document fake without even investigating it,’ Ibrahimov testified in court.

Mushfig Abbasov, the investigator at the Baku Prosecutor’s Office, said that I could write complaints to whomever I wanted, but he would wipe his shoes with them and throw them away. They demanded that I tell my sister to take the blame for the murder.

In 2015 Abbasov was awarded a medal for ‘Distinction in the Civil Service’ by President Ilham Aliyev.

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