Russia plans construction of radar station in Azerbaijan

Russia plans building a new early warning radar station in Azerbaijan, Russia’s Defense Ministry broadcasting channel Zvezda-TV reports.

Sources: Zvezda-TV,

Russia plans to build a new early warning radar station in Azerbaijan, Russian broadcasting channel



operated by the Russian defense ministry, reported.

On August 18, Zvezda-TV said that the construction of a new station “Voronezh” would start in 2017 in Azerbaijan and would replace the Soviet-era radar “Daryal” in the Gabala region.

The Voronezh radar station will be part of the Russian early warning system against missile attack. According to Zvezda-TV, the station will be exclusively under Russia’s control and will cover the areas that cannot be reached by Russia’s Armavir radar in the Krasnodar Krai.

The head of the research center East-West, Arastun Orujlu, said in his interview with

Turan News Agency

 the following: “It is possible that this information is a deliberate leak for the psychological preparation of the public. This fits into the logic of relations between Baku and Moscow in the recent years. It is enough to look at the list of heavy offensive weapons that Moscow supplies to Azerbaijan. Today, 90% of these weapons come precisely from Russia. In addition, Baku has actually turned into a Kremlin ally in its anti-Western propaganda and accusations against the US and the West. Anti-Western statements by Azeri officials are edgy, provocative and even offensive.”

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