Rosneft to begin delivering petroleum products into Iran via Azerbaijan in 2017

Beginning in 2017, “Rosneft” may begin delivering benzene to Iran. Petrocas, in which government – operated Rosneft has a 49% stake, plans to build a logistics terminal through the South Caucasian corridor, reports RBK.

Petrocas Energy Group, purchase by Rosneft in 2015 for 144 million dollars, plans to begin delivering benzene and diesel fuel to the Iranian ports of Neka and Enzeli through its own oil terminal in the Georgian port town of Poti.

According to Vano Nakaidze, the General Director of Petrocas Energy Group, the capacity of the Poti terminal is about 3 million tons of oil – products per year. Currently, it only processes about half this amount, and is responsible largely for Armenia’s consumption of crude oil products (80%) in addition to other countries in the region.

From there, the coastline of the Caspian Sea will be used to transport oil products to Iran from the ports of Azerbaijan, including Baku.

In order to obtain access to the Iranian market, the company plans to expand its current infrastructure in the region, which will include an expansion of the railway system for transporting oil products and an increase in oil tankers shipping on the Caspian Sea itself.

David Yakobashvili, co – owner of Petrocas, has estimated the modernization and construction of this infrastructure at around $100 – 200 million dollars.

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