ReAl announces creation of political party in Azerbaijan

Political prisoner Ilgar Mammadov was elected chairman of the unregistered party

ReAl Hərəkatı
ReAl Hərəkatı

Members of the movement “Republican Alternative” (ReAl) held a congress to found a party by the same name, and elected political prisoner Ilgar Mammadov to be its leader.

ReAl’s congress was held online, since state-owned and private companies refused to provide premises for the forum, the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent was informed by Natig Jafarli, a member of the party’s



He noted that Ilgar Mammadov was almost unanimously elected the chairman of the party. “Given the great authority of Ilgar Mammadov and the fact that he is in jail, no one nominated any other candidate for the post of chairman. Only one ballot was spoiled and invalidated, and all the others voted for Ilgar Mammadov,” Natig Jafarli said.

ReAl does not intend to apply to the Ministry of Justice, since for state registration it is necessary to provide the personal information of thousands of party members, Natig Jafarli explained.

“If we were not provided with the premises for holding our congress, then they will also create problems with our registration. We do not want to submit the personal data of party members to the Ministry of Justice to avoid creating problems for them. On the other hand, there is no need to ask permission from the state for political activities,” Natig Jafarli emphasized.

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