Protest organizers detained in Baku

Ilgar Mammadov was taken away by car, Arif Hajili’s house under police control.

On 16 February, police in Baku detained over 60 people who were planning to protest the election results. All have since been released.

Ilgar Mammadov was taken away by car, Arif Hajili's house under police control.

Ruslan Izzatli, the leader of the D18 movement, was detained on February 16 at 12:20 pm Baku local time, according to Samira Agayeva, member of the D18 Movement.

Samira Agayeva said Ruslan Izzetli was detained by civilian men when he arrived at the movement's office.

At the same time, Ulvi Hasanli and Mehman Huseynov, candidates from the Movement Election Block, were also detained.

Musavat party members Alikram Khushudov, Bakikhan Karibli and Bayramali Abdullayev were also detained by Narimanov Police Department. The information was released by the Musavat Party.

According to Mustafa Hajibeyli, the editor-in-chief of the Bastainfo website, the house of the leader of the Musavat party Arif Hajili has been "besieged" by police.

Ilgar Mammadov, chairman of the ReAL Party, was also detained. The information was provided by public activist Mehriban Rahimli. According to him, Ilgar Mammadov was taken to the car with the number 90AP973.

Of the detainees, Ruslan Izzatly and members of the Musavat Party are candidates for deputy.

On February 11, Musavat, ReAL parties, D18 Movement and independent candidates appealed to the Baku City Executive Power.

The parties expressed their intention to hold a protest in front of the subway station "May 28" from 3:00pm to 5:00pm on 16 February in protest against violations and electoral fraud in the early parliamentary elections. However, Baku city told them they could do so at Neftchi Sports Club on May 28 Street, Lokbatan, Garadagh district.

The parties decided to hold the rally in front of the Central Election Commission after two days of discussions.

This was announced on 14 February by the Chairman of the ReAL Party, Ilgar Mammadov. He said the Baku Executive Power had violently


the right to freedom of assembly over the past few days:

“Despite the fact that we had offered him 7 seats for the rally, he refused. Therefore, according to the law, we will hold a peaceful, democratic, constitutional rally on 16 February from 3:00pm to 4:00m in front of the Commission.”

Azerbaijan's 9 February parliamentary elections were


by voter fraud, ballot stuffing, and many other violations.

A full list of detainees is below:

  1. Arif Hajili (Candidate for deputy, Musavat head)
  2. Ulvi Hasanli (Candidate for deputy, Movement block)
  3. Mehman Huseynov (Candidate for deputy, Movement block)
  4. Ruslan Izzatly (Candidate for deputy, Movement block)
  5. Ilgar Mammadov (Chairman of the Real Party)
  6. Alikram Khurshidov (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  7. Bakuhan Garibli (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  8. Bayramali Abdullayev (Plenipotentiary, Musavat)
  9. Nemat Karimli (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  10. Vatan Huseynli (Observer, Musavat)
  11. Sakhavat Soltanli (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  12. Faraj Karimli, (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  13. Tural Hajibayli, (Observer, Musavat)
  14. Arzulla Buludlu, (Authorized Representative, Musavat)
  15. Azad Hasanov, (Observer, Musavat)
  16. Farid Huseynli, (Observer, Musavat)
  17. Dadash Ahmedli, (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  18. Aykhan Hajibayli (Authorized Representative, Musavat)
  19. Elman Guliyev (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  20. Ilkin Rustamzade (Candidate for deputy, Movement block)
  21. Konul Alieva (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  22. Rasul Yadigarli
  23. Mushvig Jabrayilzade
  24. Teymur Mammadov
  25. Nizamali Suleymanov
  26. Rovshan Etibarli
  27. Rafik Yusifov
  28. Sarvan Karimov
  29. Ruhid Abdullayev
  30. Faik Suleymanov
  31. Aliphanah Rizali (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  32. Aysel Buludlu
  33. Ilgar Mahmud (Observer Musavat)
  34. Elchin Bakhisov
  35. Tahir Mirza
  36. Yadigar Sadigli (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  37. Maksud Aliyev
  38. Orkhan Ibrahimov
  39. Karim Abbasov
  40. Davud Gurbanov (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  41. Karimova Zeynalov (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  42. Shahin Ibrahimov (Authorized Representative, Musavat)
  43. Khalid Bagirov (Candidate for deputy)
  44. Rabiyya Mammadova (Candidate for deputy, Movement block).
  45. Elmaddin Abbasov
  46. Gazanfar Bakhisov, (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  47. Rafik Ismail (Candidate for deputy, Musavat)
  48. Ramin Tajiyev (Observer, Musavat)
  49. Rovshan Ismayilov
  50. Bakhtiyar Mammadli
  51. Rustam Hidayatzade
  52. Nariman Abdulla
  53. Rustam Ismayilbeyli.
  54. Rahim Ahmadov
  55. Bayram Bayramov
  56. Muzaffar Ismayilov
  57. Bakhtiyar Hajiyev
  58. Ayhan Mehdizadeh
  59. Bakhtiyar Mammadli
  60. Elnur Suleymanov
  61. Sakit Mammadli
Rabiyya Mammadova and other detainees
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39/5000 Javid Nasirov and members of the ReAL Party
Khalid Bagirov and other detainees
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