Political prisoner Omar Mamedov’s last word before the Court

First, I want to say that I do not accept any charges against me and I do not consider myself guilty.
I’d like briefly to express the reason of my arrest.

First, I want to say that I do not accept any charges against me and I do not consider myself guilty.

I’d like briefly to express the reason of my arrest.

Thus, I was the manager of the Facebook page ” Aztv-dən Seçmələr “ ( “Selections from the Az.TV” ) and it was one of the pages acutely criticizing the government. In a short period of time, the page got popularity among the users and about 30,000 to 60,000 users could see its shares. Three 3 days before my arrest , I had an official report from “Facebook” that the page managed by me, informed nearly 500.000 users during a month. It seems that , this figure irritated the official representatives of the government .

In fact, they had to arrest me on 22 November 2013. But , I was abroad because of my education, so instead of me, my father was taken to the department against organized crime.

Just from there a high-ranking officer in the department made a phone call to me and we had a conversation on the phone, I told them to free my father and informed about my arrival on January 20.

As promised, on January 20, 2014, I returned to Baku. One day later, on January 21 at 8 o’clock in the morning, the officers of the department of the organized crime came to my house and took me to their office. Is not it strange? It was 14 hours, I was here.

Yes, I deliberately returned back to the country. I do not regret for my choice.

Kheyal Nasibov from the department of organized crime led the operating group against my case, and testified on trial that they received the information about my engagement in the sale of drugs , and afterwards he confirmed the accuracy of the information at the same address during their search.

My lawyer Khalid Bagirov presented the evidences to the Court, confirming my visit to Baku 3 days before I was arrested. Also it is known that , the address noted by the officer Kheyal Nasibov ( who was called as a witness to the Court ) Sulh Street , house 1B ( 1B Peace Street ), I had not lived in that address for a long time.

I congratulate them for their performance of the false trial. I advice them to be more careful and creative next time when they want to make a new comedy script.

Now, I would like to tell about the progress of the case. I have never felt any hope or had any belief for the justice of the Court since they took me from the captivity jail to the court building. I do not expect any fair decision from the Court. I’m just here to see my friends and my parents. The place ( that’s the court ) became a sort of meeting place for me with them.

It is foolishness to expect justice in a Court of the country where the Rule of Law is not protected. However , you ( I simply can’t call you respected ) – the judges — I would like bring Article 295 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan to your attention . To make an unfair judgment deliberately against someone, is sentenced to 3 years. Being aware of this article, you will be punished in the future for the ordered decisions you made . Neither you nor your chiefs can not escape this. History proves it. The famous revolutionary, one of the theoreticians of communism Gracchus Babeuf in his letter to his beloved woman described what happened in Paris during the French Revolution: “I noticed that the crowds on the streets were carrying Fullo’s head. Then his son-in-law was brought there too. Everybody under the thunder of drums humiliated him. I was depressed by this joy of the crowd. I agree, but … I was neither satisfied nor happy to see it. These were the fruits of the government’s labour, At last they got what they did. The end is going to be even worse. This is just the beginning … ”

Also I want to note that there is also another thing – Aliyev regime thinks that filling the prisons with the free-minded and courageous young people eliminates the danger against their power. However, acting like this, they are making heroes out of the imprisoned young people. At least it is also has some positive impact on the process.

We are citizens of the country with about 140 political prisoners. A half of all political prisoners in Europe is from Azerbaijan. This figure itself is a clear evidence of the crimes of the current government.

We – the members of Nida — as well as other political prisoners, Ilqar Mammadov, Tofiq Yaqublu, Yadigar Sadiqov, Elsevar Mursalli, Əbilov Abdul, Rashad Ramazanaov, Anar Mammadov, Bashir Suleymanli, Orhan Eyyubzadə, Parviz Hashimli, Qurban Mammadov, Tale Bagirzade and others arrested by the authorities, we are not arrested legally, we were taken as hostages.

In the end, as being a member of NIDA and CSP’s, I am deeply thankful to mass media representatives, functionaries of political parties, social activists, who are supporting me during my forced hostage here, especially to my parents, and to Khaliq Bagirov and Alayif Hasanov for their disinterestedly defence and for unselfish dedication themselves to my case.

P.S .The most important thing for the human being is the Court of Conscience. There is not any false witness, any false criminal case; there is not any need for the unfair judges like you either. I am fair and impartial before my Conscience, and this is enough for me.

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