Police detain Talysh blogger for social media post

The Talysh, one of Azerbaijan’s many ethnic groups, are its most discriminated minority.

On the morning of 15 June, Talysh blogger and activist Elvin Irshadov was reportedly taken to the Lankaran City Police Department. The blogger informed other Talysh activists Rahim Shaliyev and Boris Talishinki that he was detained while the street and taken to the police station.

Family members tried to get information about him throughout the day, but Lankaran police did not respond.

Elshad Hajiyev, head of the media and public relations department of the Interior Ministry's press service, told Meydan TV that Elvin Irshadov was summoned to the police station on the basis of a complaint and was released after a preventative discussion.

During the night, the blogger shared information on his Facebook page. He said that the clerics of the Caucasian Muslims Office in Lankaran protested against the decision about mosques by the Operative Staff.

"They asked me how I knew about [the decision]. Our valuable cleric Ruhullah Mahdavi Akhundzadeh, who was summoned to the department, confirmed that the expressions mentioned in the status belonged to him. As a result, I was released", said Irshadov

Elvin Irshadov was previously sentenced to administrative detention after sharing a video about the Talysh khanate on 18 May 2020. He shares on social networks against pan-Turkism and racism, as well as promotes Talysh culture.

The Talysh are an ancient people native to Southern Azerbaijan and Northern Iran. In Azerbaijan, they are largely concentrated in Lankaran, Astara, Masalli, Lerik, and Bilasuvar.

Over the years, the Talysh of Azerbaijan have suffered from economic neglect and a lack of development in the region, as well as a deprivation of educational rights, cultural rights and linguistic rights.

While the Talysh are one of Azerbaijan’s many ethnic groups, they are the most discriminated minority in the country.

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