One More Soldier Dies

Akbar Aliyev, Azerbaijani soldier, dead after over-serving his term.

According to information provided by APA Akbar Aliyev, Azerbaijani soldier, who was serving in military over his original term at the Ministry of Defense’s military station No.”N” in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, died of heart failure.

Other sources report on 19-year-old Khagani Guseynov, who injured himself as a result of a violation of safety rules, when he accidentally shot himself from his own service machine gun. The incident took place in the Ministry of Defense’s frontline military station No.”N.” Wounded in his leg, Guseynov was taken to the hospital. The soldier was originally called for military service from the city of Shamkir.

As of today the number of injured soldiers in Azerbaijani army in 2014 reached 6.

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