NIDA Activist in Prison Medical Ward After Long Appeal for Treatment

Imprisoned NIDA movement activist Ilkin Rustamzadeh has been finally transferred to a prison hospital ward. This was reported by his sister Turkyan Rustamzade.

A few days ago, relatives said that despite his doctors' examination, the prison authorities have until recently not allowed the activist to be transferred to the hospital ward. 

Rustamzade had serious health problems back in March when doctors diagnosed him with a stomach ulcer. However, since then, authorities have ignored his demands for treatment.

In early May, during a telephone conversation with his family, Ilkin Rustamzadeh said that the employees of the State Security Service offered him to 'cooperate'. 

 "He is openly told that if you do not act how we want, we will not send you to the hospital, we will not let you get out of prison, and you will stay here," said Ilkina Rustamzadeh's mother, Atlas Huseynova.

It should be reminded that Ilkin Rustamzade was arrested in March 2013. He was one of 8 activists of the youth movement NIDA sentenced to long prison terms on charges of organizing riots, drug and weapons possession. The Serious Crimes Court of Baku sentenced Ilkin Rustamzade to 7 years in prison.

The international human rights organization Amnesty International has recognized Rustamzadeh as a "prisoner of conscience".

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