New Protests in Aghcabedi

This time it is the arrests of peaceful residents that sparked the new protest

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This time it is the arrests of peaceful residents that sparked the new protest

Aghcabedi protesting again January 16, residents of Aghcabedi region (one of the first places where riots began on January 13) took the streets once again, this time however; it is not unemployment they are frustrated with.

Today, they are protesting against the arrests, which took place shortly after uprising began.

According to the information from one local resident, the rally is on the same location- neighborhood populated by the IDPs. “The other day [referring to January 13] when three people climbed atop of the residential building with an intention to commit suicide, everyone came together, and protested unemployment and price hikes. That day, both the police and the city administration representatives came here and told us there will be jobs and that prices would go down.

So people went back to their homes. But all those people who spoke that day, sharing their grievance were arrested. This is why residents are standing up this time”, said Aghcabedi local speaking to Meydan TV.

According to the same source, now, other locals from the same region are supporting the protest. On January 13, there was a protest action in Aghcabedi region.

Speaking to AzadliqRadiosu [Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty Local bureau] Agil Abbas, parliament member from this region said the city administrative office met with the residents on January 15 and that all outstanding issues were settled.

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