N!DA activist Anar Abdulla arrested

N!DA activist Anar Abdulla is currently in police custody at Baku 18th Police Precinct. 

His lawyer, Shahla Humbatova, informed Meydan TV that the police had earlier denied his presence at the detention center despite his having been arrested and taken into custody at the same location less than 2 hours ago:

"It's quite a weird situation. The police authorities had told me that Anar Abdulla was being held at the 18th Police Precinct. Upon returning to the same location an hour later, passing into the building and presenting my documents, I was told by the officer on duty that no, Anar Abdulla was not there anymore. 

"Turning away from the desk, I spotted Anar Abdulla in an adjacent holding room. He saw me as well."

Humbatova repoted that the police authorities are currently not providing a reason for his arrest. 

Anar Abdulla is the 3rd N!DA activist to be arrested this month.

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