Nardaran defendant denied medical treatment

Abulfaz Bunyadov

Abulfaz Bunyadov

Today police guards refused to allow a doctor to visit paralyzed Nardaran defendant Abulfaz Bunyadov. Currently under house arrest, Bunyadov told Meydan TV that the police stopped allowing visitors last week.

“I have health problems,” says Bunyadov. “I asked for a doctor but the police wouldn’t let him through the door. For two days I’ve been dying from the pain, believe me. But this morning they turned the doctor back at the door.”

Abulfaz Bunyadov was paralyzed in the police raid on religious believers in Nardaran on 25 November 2015. In the course of the botched raid, four members of the Muslim Unity Movement and two police officers were killed. Dozens of religious believers were arrested in the aftermath. Released to house arrest in December 2016, Bunyadov is currently on trial on charges of attempting to overthrow the government, terrorism, murder, and illegal possession of firearms. He denies the charges.

"I'm under police surveillance,” Bunyadov told Meydan TV. “A policeman is posted at our door 24 hours a day. Without telling us any reason, they have decided not to let anyone into our home since the Novruz holiday. Even my sisters and their children are not allowed to come."

When Bunyadov asked guards the reason for the ban, he was told that they have “orders from above.”

Now, bedridden and isolated, Bunyadov says he is afraid for his family.

“Everytime my wife takes the children to kindergarten or comes back from the shops, they stop her and check her purse,” Bunyadov says. “All these things tell me and my family that there will be a provocation.”

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