Mothers Seek Recognition for Fallen Sons in 4-Day-War of 2016

Families of Azerbaijani soldiers who lose their lives in military combat are entitled to certain benefits and privileges from the state.

In early 2016, an intense flare-up in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict brought Azerbaijani soldiers to the front line. According to government statistics, 37 soldiers lost their lives, however military-research center Khazar and other non-state institutions assert that the number of lives lost is closer to 91.

For some families of these soldiers, the horror of losing a family member has still not come to a close, however: many have still been unable to have the status of “shehid” (Az. martyr) given to their sons.

The issue of


status is regulated by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Families whose members have been deemed martyrs by the state are eligible for benefits such as:

  • financial compensation of up to 11,000 manat (6,266 USD)
  • monthly stipends for children younger than 18 years of age
  • free education for children of martyrs

As of January 2015, close to 13,000 families had lost at least one member who was later given



according to

Meydan TV spoke to two families to find out more on their struggles to have their sons recognized as


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