More arrests in Azerbaijan

On August 13th, another member of the Azerbaijan Popular Front, Murad Adilov was arrested and sentenced to three months in pre-trial detention. Adilov’s arrest falls under the recent crackdown on civil rights activists in Azerbaijan. Adilov’s brother Natig Adilov, who is the party’s media relations chief and a presenter of online news show “Azerbaijani Hour” fears arrest of his brother is closely linked to his own activities as a political activist.

Like many others Adilov is charged with drug possession.

His lawyer, says he was not able to see his client yet. Because of this he cannot comment whether Adilov was tortured during his detention time. He intends to challenge the court’s decision of arrest at the Court of Appeal.

If found guilty, Murad Adilov is facing up to 5-12 years of imprisonment.

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