Meydan TV’s statement on the recent cyberattacks

We apologize for the inconveniences and we thank you for choosing us

On 29 January, Meydan TV’s Facebook pages were hijacked because one of the administrators had failed to properly secure their profile. The hackers were able to take control of that person’s account and delete all other users. The profile of the administrator in question is no longer associated with Meydan TV’s Facebook accounts and we have terminated our relationship with them.

We have now regained control of all our Facebook accounts, but all of our posts have been deleted and over 100,000 followers have been removed. We apologize to all Meydan TV’s readers and viewers. We accept responsibility for the lapses in our security, and we will do our best to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Currently, we are doing everything in our power to recover our deleted content and followers.

From the outset, Meydan TV’s journalists have been subject to various kinds of pressure and threats, including arrest. Our website is now officially banned within Azerbaijan. Attacks on our site and social media accounts are nothing new, but they have intensified in recent weeks. The people behind these attacks cannot stand to see the growth and development of independent Azerbaijani media, and their goal is to impede our work and destroy our reputation.

Meydan TV has always strived to honestly cover developments in Azerbaijan and to provide a platform for the problems, complaints, and appeals of the people. Our mission is to be an independent and alternative media organization, providing information that Azerbaijanis cannot find elsewhere. We will continue doing this work.

If you want to support us in this task, please share our content with your friends. Help us get our deleted followers back and make our page even more active. We apologize once again and we thank you for choosing us.

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