Leyla Yunus new plea from a prison cell

Leyla Yunus continues to receive threats from a cell mate. Prison management is happy.

To: Everyone!

20 September 2014,

The next provocation against me is being prepared in Kurdakhani prison. Criminal Nuriyye Huseynova is “called in” everyday and instructed. Looks like she is talking directly with the prison chief colonel A. Seyidov. At nights, following these frequent visits, she begins her dirty threats. Most likely, the provocation is planned for Saturday or Sunday.

This week’s visit of the Ombudsman office personnel only exacerbated the situation. The representatives form the Ombudsman office, failed to conform with my well-grounded request to remove Nuriyye Huseynova, the old criminal (whose brothers and nephews were and are in prison) from our cell, where all of the women are subject to criminal prosecution for the first time.

Also, despite my written appeals (I have written twice so far, last one in the presence of Ombudsman office staff), the prison chief Colonel A. Seyidov leaves them unattended.

Moreover, the prison staff is coercing other women in the cell to confirm in writing that Nuriyye Huseynova never attacked me.

All the meanwhile, Huseynova is threatening to attack me soon (using obscene language). She promises to leave no bruises but far worse…

Nuriyye Huseynova is Aliyev’s torture weapon against me. They both are close in spirit.

Leyla Yunus

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