Lawyer: “Kamran has been released, but faces a travel ban.”

Кямран Махмудов

Кямран Махмудов

 Kanal 13 journalist Kamran Mahmudov was detained on the way to Georgia, Meydan TV reports.

“During a police search, 127 manats (approximately 75 USD), credit cards and other personal belongings confiscated. Personal The search was conducted without in the absence of any witnesses or a lawyer. I told them I am a lawyer, but I was I was still not allowed,” said lawyer Javid Rzazadeh.

Rzazadeh posted a video on his official Facebook page, stating that the journalist is not wanted for arrest by the Azerbaijani authorities, but he does have a travel ban: “I just left the Gazakh Regional Police Department. Thanks to the Ombudsman’s Office, I was able to meet Department Chief, who confirmed that Kamran Mahmudov is not wanted, but he has a travel ban. Now I am waiting for the next steps. There are two options: either we’ll be taken to the office, which imposed the travel ban, or he will be released soon.”

Mahmudov was later release.

Kamran Mahmudov worked for RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service until it was shut down. Later he worked for “Kanal 13" online TV channel, on air since October 2008, and which has previously been targeted by the government.

Its director, Aziz Orujov, was taken to Nasimi Police Station while going to work in the morning on May 2. After 30 -days in administrative detention, he was charged by the Grave Crimes Investigation Department. According to Orujov's lawyer Elchin Sadigov, a criminal case has been launched under Articles 192.2 (making a large amount of income through illegal business) and 308.2 (service forgery resulting in serious consequences) of the Criminal Code. Nasimi District Court sentenced the journalist to four months in pre-trial detention.

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