Journalist interrogated again

Anar Mammadov

Anar Mammadov

The editor of has been summoned to the prosecutor's office again today for questioning.

Anar Mammadov has been interrogated repeatedly regarding the recent violence in Ganja. On 3 July, the mayor of Ganja, Elmar Valiyev, and his bodyguard were shot in the center of the city. A week later, two police officers were killed during a demonstration in the city. Authorities blame the violence on a network of Islamic radicals and dozens of people have already been arrested.

Since 3 July, Anar Mammadov has been questioned for a total of 50 hours, his home has been searched, and his computer and hard drives were confiscated.

Mammadov's site,, has been blocked in Azerbaijan, along with,,,, and

On Friday, the editor of, Mustafa Hajibayli, said that he had been summoned for hours-long interrogations nearly everday since 9 July.

On 14 July, other employees of were questioned.

Parviz Hashimli, the editor of, has had his phone and computer confiscated.

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