Ilham Huseyn is a romantic guy

This dream will keep him alive for a long time…

Editor: Seymur Hezi found some time to meet with his friends during the Court session. He sent his greetings to all his friends outside, and to the newspaper where he used to work. His friends transcribed his greetings and sent the text to our office.

To my friends, to all people, I would like to deliver two congratulations. Both New Year and International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis are nearly upon us. I congratulate all my friends! I have no idea how I’m going to spend these holidays in here, but I wish you the merriest ones.

Lets move to the next congratulations. The 25


anniversary of “Azadliq” newspaper (Freedom – trans.) has been reached. Our “Freedom” has existed for a quarter of a century – 25 years could be the age of a knight.

But first several words about “Azadlıq”…

“Azadlıq” is a knight fighting before his wounds have even had a chance to scab over! The blood traces on his skin map the paths of his country’s destiny. Steadily fighting. The strikes are only making him stronger. The blood shed is the ink writing the present history of Azerbaijan. You are fighting to lead Azerbaijan to a sunny, rainy paradise. On that rainy day your scars will be the the most beautiful and honorable patterns of Azerbaijani history. 25 years old knight – dear “Azadlıq”, may you live a thousand years!

This congratulation comes late. You know why that is. But there is no harm in it, for you are fighting everyday – it is your right to receive this congratulation everyday! You deserve to be congratulated and applauded everyday!

I heard that our colleague and my friend Ilham Huseyn has written an article. In this article he stated that he has a wish to wrestle with me and to win. I can say only one thing. Ilham is a very romantic guy. His wish to overcome me will keep him alive for a long time.

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